Thursday, August 31, 2006

Website Traffic

Okay, so one more thing.
I noticed that my traffic significantly increased when I offered a "Useful Links" section on my website, but with untested link information that was pulled from another website. After going through some of the information, I realized that many links were outdated or not the type of link I wanted to promote. So.....
I cut the whole thing and created my own, with links to companies that I a familiar with, and know something about.
But what about all that traffic?
I will not put that other page back up. So I guess I will just have to deal with less traffic for quality information.
signing off...


Anonymous said...


I never heard that by adding "Useful links" you increase traffic! If you tested it then it must be so...


I always learnt from these Advertising Articles the many free/low cost methods to get traffic!


Kathrine said...

Anytime you add content to your page, you are adding something more for the search engines to crawl. Of course, quality information is the preferred way to go, but there are a lot of companies and individuals out there that will put MASSIVE amounts of text on their page, sometimes not even related to their website, just to increase traffic. This is called spamming, and will cost your end-user.
There has even been cases in the past (and probably now) where companies hide their text, by making the text font the same color as the background, to increase their ranking on the search engines, but not publicly clutter their website. This is STILL SPAM.
So, now you can see why I removed the original page that I posted. I want to be know for my original, non-spamming, content. I want my end-user to come back.
And I definitely do not want to get blacklisted by the search engines by trying to get around their protocols!
Have a great day!